Heating when not at home

Tímea Kunvári
Hi, I was wondering what is energy efficienter to do, turning the heating off each time I leave the house or leaving it on a low level. Daytime I heat up to 19 degrees. In the evening the heating is turned off. Should the inside temperature drop under 16, then the heating goes on automatically. thanks!


Tímea Kunvári
Hi Nicoleta, thanks for your reply. What temperature would be "decent minimum level of heating" in my case?
Nicoleta Ion
In my opinion, the most energy efficient way is to keep a decent minimum level of heating, not to turn it off completely, when leaving the house. In this way you avoid a peak of consumption when you are home, in order to re-heat again the space (including walls). This also improves your life quality, as you don't enter a cold room when you come back at home. In the same time, this operating mode does not put pressure on the heating system, as it runs smoothly, not with ups and downs.